Tuesday, 1 September 2015



Hello lovely readers, for today's post I wanted to share with you some of my empties from this month. I've kept these all together in a box and they have been in there for quite a while so they aren't just from one month but a few so I really wanted to share then with you.

1. The Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner - This worked really well at removing excess Makeup and dirt after cleansing and prepped the skin for moisturiser. (I written about this and some other skincare products in my last blog post :))

2. Mini Ted Baker Body Spray - This is really cute for travelling with and it smells really sweet and floral. It lasted for a quite a while too as I got it at Christmas time. I used to carry this in my bag to freshen up throughout the day.

3. Ojon Damage Reverse Serum - This is lovely! Its smells really nice and it a bit like a Lavender scent but also quite subtle I used this in the ends of my hair after washing to help tame the ends and to lock in moisture. You only need a drop or two so this small bottle lasts for a long time and it comes with a Pipette so you can get out just the right amount of product.

4. Tresemme' Instafresh Dry Shampoo For Normal To Oily Hair - I used this after washing my hair to add volume and lift up the roots but I have used this on second day hair and it has given my hair a quick refresh so I feel like I've been able to give it a quick clean. I did like this product for adding volume but it didn't really add a scent to the hair and I did need to brush it well afterwards as it sometimes left white marks in my hair but its good value and did help to freshen up my hair. I really do like Tresemme' product so I would tray anything from their range as I love how they work and the way they are scented.

5. Waitrose Pure Facial Oil - I used this at night and put a few drops on my freshly washed face - I used the Pipette to get out two drops of this oil and then rubbed my hands together before gently pressing this into the skin avoiding my eyes. I then applied my night time moisturiser. 
I've never really used a serum before so I didn't want to buy anything too expensive so just thought I'd try this. It helped to soften and moisturise the skin and didn't feel too greasy. I also tried a few other product from the range but didn't really get on with them but this worked ok for me. I'm not sure if I would re-purchase it but it did work ok for me. 

6. Maybeline Falsies Express Mascara - Added Volume and length which lasted all day and make my lashes look really long but it did try out quite quickly. 

7. Astral Face and Body Moisturiser - I really loved this as a night cream as it added so much moisture into the skin but it does slide a bit under Makeup so I would just used this at night and not during the day. It has a clean scent to it and a little goes a long way so you don't need much to hydrate the skin. 

Have you tried any of these products?

Best wishes :)