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Hello lovely readers, for today's post I am going to be reviewing the Garnier 2 In 1 Express Eye Makeup Remover. I purchased this a few weeks ago from Boots because my other Eye Makeup Remover had just ran out, so I was in need of a new one. The last Eye Makeup Remover I had was also from Garnier but it was one of their Fresh Essentials range. I did like that one but I found I used it up quite quickly so I thought I would try another one from the same brand to compare the two. 
The Express 2 In 1 Eye Makeup Remover is slightly different to the previous one I tried as it contains two different parts which means that it has to be shaken up in order to mix the two liquids together. Once they are mixed together the liquid will turn a light shade of purple and you can then put this on a cotton pad and start removing your eye makeup. 
I think this works better for me as the makeup dissolves much quicker, I also didn't have to keep tugging at my eye area as the Eye Makeup Remover removed most of my eye makeup with a few seconds. It worked efficiently and did the job well, it also only takes a few drops so this product will last me a lot longer than the Fresh Essentials one. 

Their isn't much of a scent with this product either which is good as some people may not like strong scents on their face, I personally prefer unscented products around my eye area as they are very sensitive. 
How I used the product:  I made sure the lid was on correctly and make sure it was closed before shaking the bottle to mix the two liquids together. I then got a cotton pad and poured a few drops on it and then help this over my closed eyes for a few seconds, then I removed the cotton pad and saw that most of my eye makeup had been removed. I then went back around my eye area and gently removed any other trace of eye makeup before moving on the the next eye and repeating these steps again. 
I then followed this up with my night time skincare routine to remove any other makeup that I have been wearing. 

I did like this product and it is inexpensive so I will probably repurchase this again, it does work well at gently removing makeup, the only thing I would say is it does feel very oily only the skin, so I like to wash my face after using this product. 

Hope you liked this post :)

What Eye Makeup Removers do you like?

Best wishes :)

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  1. This sounds good, I usually was my face after using makeup remover any way so the oiliness wouldn't bother me. I like the body shop chamomile make up remover balm, that does a good job
    Kirsty x