Saturday, 11 October 2014



Hello lovely readers, I just wanted to write a quick post to share with you some of the products I've used up recently. There's everything from hair products to a few beauty essentials too. I have started to keep my Empties in a box so there should be some more Empties posts coming soon, so if you like those kinds of posts just let me know and I will update my blog with those posts more often :)

I have just a few items to share with you, my favourite is the Collection Under Eye High-lighting Concealer (sorry about the packaging I've used it that much it has worn away), I love this it really works well at highlighting under the eyes, I like to use this everyday for a brightening effect as I have dark circles under my eyes. 
I also really like the Collection Perfection Concealer (this is just an everyday essential for me).
I also like this Tresemme' Heat Protection Spray - it smells really fresh and keeps my hair feeling hydrated and shiny.
Also for hair, this Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent Fresh helps to add volume to my hair and adds a subtle clean scent.
And Finally this Vaseline Roll On Deodorant has a strong scent but does work really well and keeping fresh and clean.

What products have you been loving recently?

Best wishes :)

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  1. Been loving the collection concealer as well! Has been my go to even though I have much more expensive concealers! Will definitely be buying another soon! :)