Saturday, 3 January 2015



Hello lovely readers, Happy New Year! In this blog post I want to share with you some of the ways that I am going to be getting organised this year. I want start the year off my getting more organised and declutter my room to create a tidy and more usable space. 
I am going to do this by trying to use what have in order to organise what I own. For example using small boxes to divide up what I have into categories - using small decorative boxes will keep everything looking pretty but will also act as an organiser to keep your things together.

I have used this Ted Baker gift box that I got as a gift to hold all of my mini bath and shower products, but this can also be used to hold a variety or other items including: Makeup, Nail Polish and other Accessories. I love the design of this box so keep it out on display in my room, it looks really lovely as a decorative piece but also has a dual purpose as it acts as extra storage.

Using other small boxes like shoe boxes (I have used a Glossybox) can be used to divide up space in your Drawers. I use a Glossybox to hold my Deodorants, Perfumes and Moisturisers etc. This way they all have their own set space and are much easier to find when you open up the Drawer as they are all positioned upright so I can just grab them when I need them. 

I also really love these new mini wooden Drawers that I was given as a gift, any small storage box will work but this one is great as it looks very Shabby Chic and matches most of the storage that I have in my room. At the moment I am using this to divide up my Lip products but again you could use something like this do divide up any number of products - (that may be a future post!)

Hope you liked this post - what is your favourite way to store your Makeup/Accessories?

Best wishes :)

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