Sunday, 3 January 2016

De-cluttering and minimalizing to get organised...

De-cluttering and minimalizing to get organised...

For quite a while now I’ve been saying I’m going to get organised and sort through the things that I own in order to get more order to the items that surround me. But every time I try to do this I get distracted so I decided to take one thing at a time and sort our one area before moving on to another. The main problem for me is paperwork and notebooks I just have way too many and Magazines from months ago that just keep sitting around my room. This is the main area for me but then there is clothes, accessories, books, CD’s etc.
These are all going to be sorted out one thing at a time but to start everything off I thought I would go through my clothes first. For me I think my clothes will be the easiest area to go through as I feel less attached to my clothes than some of the other items I own. There are however, a few items of clothing that really do mean a lot to me/hold a sentimental value so I do want to keep these with me. But for the most part my clothing does need looking through and needs a good sort out so I thought it would be a good place to start.
I don’t really own ‘too many’ pieces of clothing, most of what I own is Work wear (slightly smart/casual) and the rest is casual clothing like Jeans, T-shirts and a few more dressy tops and a few dresses and I have a few pairs of PJs and a few items of Sportswear.
Items I’m no longer keeping – (will be donating/recycling)
·      Two pairs of work Trousers
·      One Striped Cardigan
·      One loose fitting T-shirt with Triangle Design
·      One Sleep Shirt
·      One Pair of PJ/Lounge wear Bottoms
·      One ¾ Sleeve Striped T-shirt
·      One dressy Shirt in dark red
·      A couple of Jumpers mostly Knitted and one sweatshirt style Jumper
·      I also added a few more pieces to this – like a Onesie and some more Trousers and Tops

I thought that by sorting through what clothes I have I would be able to make use of my clothing better, I seem to wear all the same pieces but many have them are quite worn and really need refreshing so by going through them and donating my clothes I am still doing something good while making more room for the items that I really want to use. I am trying to do a sort of ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ with just a few key pieces that are tailored towards my personal style.
I probably should have spoken about my personal style at the beginning of this post, I’m not sure how I would describe my personal style. I’ve probably tried every kind of fashion trend but I would say that I have simple style and I love the classic shapes and colour of the 1960’s. I love Mod fashion and my favourite clothing item is my Fred Perry Parka. I purchased this the same year I went to University, I loved it that much I pretty much wore it every day and hardly ever took it off. I do love other fashion styles though I think that every decade has something great to offer, for example I love the Bohemian and Glam Rock styles of the 1970s not to mention how much I admire the New Romantic styles of the 1980s. Every decade is great and I would say that incorporating elements of each decade into your own style is something really great to do. I think this is especially good during different seasons, like using elements of 70s Bohemian style in Summer – such as wearing fringed accessories and long pendant necklaces to make an outfit look unique but also well put together.
But as my current style wearing smart trousers, a plain t-shirt/shirt and cardigan and a pair of patent Brogues is usually my ‘everyday’ go to outfit. So by going through by clothes and de-cluttering I have been able to remove the clothing that doesn’t really go with my personal style so that I can use more of the clothing that matches my personality.

I do really want to get some more pastel colour in my life though for summer I especially love anything mint!

What’s your fashion style like?

Best Wishes :) 

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