Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New Products I've Bought

Recent products I've bought: In this blog post I will just be listing a few of the new products I have bought recently, these just a few but I just wanted to include them as part of a blog post. I think I may also do inidividual reviews on each of the products in some other blog posts too, so you can find out what I think about the products.

The products I bought are all MUA products, I really wanted to try them out so I bought three of the eyeshadow palettes, these are... The Undressed Palette, Undress Me Too Palette and the Heaven and Earth Palette.

I've wanted to try these out for a while so I decided to get them, since they've had good reviews and are meant to be similar to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I don't have any Urban Decay Palettes yet but I really would like to get one, so maybe I will have to try one of those soon too.

I have included a picture of eyeshadows below and will hopefully be doing individual reviews of them soon and maybe get some Urban Decay eyeshadows too.

I really like the look of the eyeshadows they are neutral warm shades that can be easily adapted for an everyday look or changed into a more dramatic smokey eye. They are also really great for travelling and have a variety of different shades for any occasion, so I'm really looking forward to using them over the next few months.

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