Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year Makeup Storage Ideas - Ways to get organised in the New Year

Makeup Storage Ideas – inexpensive ideas on how to get organised in the New Year

It’s a new year which to me means re-organising my room and my makeup collection. Over the past year I’ve looked into many different storage solutions that are both cost effective but also look unique and suit my own personal style. In this blog post I will show you the different storage solutions I have found that are working for me at the moment, these may also give you some ideas on how you can store you favourite beauty products.
Firstly, there is the traditional beauty box, which I just recycled as an inexpensive storage solution, although this isn’t always an ideal solution is it a good way to divide your up any drawers that you use to store you makeup. However, if you want your makeup on display and more easy to access then you may want to try some of the other solutions I have found.

Acrylic organisers have become very popular over the years with their sleek design and transparent appearance making them an ideal solution if you want to find your makeup quickly in the morning.  Although I don’t have the traditional acrylic drawer system I do use a transparent acrylic stationary holder to store some of my favourite lipsticks and lip glosses, as they are easy to find and the colours/shades of each of the products is easily identifiable.

Next is brush storage, I use a cream pot (originally meant as a plant pot) from Ikea, the design is really pretty and allows me to store all of my brushes in one place as there is plenty of room. The design on the top of the pot is also really pretty and suits the décor of my bedroom. 

Makeup palettes can be difficult to store and if I can’t access them easily I usually forget I own them and then they don’t get used. However, storing small palettes in a letter racks/holders is a good idea, the palettes are neatly stored but easy to find when you need them. I use one that I found from TKMAXX which has a French style design on it but there are a variety of different styles and sizes or letter racks that will store a number of different makeup palettes.  

Hope this gave you some ideas on how you can organise your makeup, if you have any other ideas I would love to know :) Happy New Year and best wishes 

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