Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Beauty Products

New Beauty Products - New products I'm excited to try out this year...

Over the Holidays I recieved some lovely new beauty products, I also bought some new products to try out for the new year. I have chosen a few that I am really excited about and wanted to share with you.
The first is a lovely gift box from Benefit that contains some of their most popular products, its a beautiful box and looks lovely in my room. But the products inside are also very lovely, I haven't tried that many Benefit Cosmetics products but the ones I have tried I loved, particuarly their eye products. But I've never tried their blushers or lipglosses so this is a real treat for me. The box contains minature deluxe samples of Benetint and Highbeam and samples of both the Sugarbomb blusher and lipgloss. The colours are really pretty and could be used for an everyday neutral but pretty makeup look.

This is the back of the box showing you what product it contains...
This is the front of the box, its pretty and pink! My two favourite things.

The second products I am looking forward to using during the new year are Barry M nail polishes, I bought a few before Christmas but havent used them yet, here are a few of my favourites...

These are a few of my favourite shades (these bottles don't have names on) but the colours are a dark purple, dark (slightly shimmery) blue and a dark mauve shade (which is my favourite). But all of the Barry M nail polishes are great as they are really affordable and come in a variety of different shades and textures.

Finally I a am looking forward to using the Umberto Giannini Instant Beauty Leave-in Conditioner which like all of the range smells fresh and clean, like you've just washed your hair. I've just tried this on my hair and it sprays on as fine mist, the bottle comes with a spray cap so that the product is easily disributed onto the hair when you spray it. The leave-in condition feels light and makes your hair look shiny and healthy without taking away volume. The product is also not sticky so it won't make your hair look greasy. I've only tried this once but I really like it already.

These are some of the beauty products I am looking forward to using this year, what are yours?

Best wishes :)

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