Monday, 18 May 2015


7 Ways to Organise on a Budget
Here are some of quick ideas I have for getting organised on a budget…
Tbere are lots of ideas and a few pictures too!

1.   Ikea Drawer Dividers – Can be used to divide up drawers and separate items such as socks, underwear and accessories.

2.   Ikea Click boxes – Can be used to store small items such as individual Eyeshadows, Blushers, Travel Sized products and Nail Polishes.
I use this one for Skincare...

3.   Decorative Jars – Can be used to hold Brushes, Lip Balms, Nail Polishes and single Eyeshadows.

4.   Glossyboxes – Can also be used to divide up drawers and hold items such as Skincare and Bodycare.

5.   Ikea Plant Pots – Can be used to hold Brushes, Eyeliners/Mascaras, Lip Balms and Skincare.

6.   Acrylic Divider – These can be used to hold a variety of different items, from Nail Polishes, to Lipsticks, Perfumes and Jewellery.

7.   Decorative Boxes – These are great for organising lots if beauty products or for hiding some and keeping everything in your room look that little bit more organised.

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