Monday, 4 May 2015

My Most Used Products - April 2015

My Most Used Products - April 2015

Hello lovely readers here's a quick post just to share with you what products I've been using the most throughout April. These products are mostly Skincare but I feel like that is because the weather is changing more in the UK so my Skincare routine is having to adapt slightly. So without to many more ramblings I am going to share with you what I've been using over the past month...

The MUA Undressed Palette - This is really well loved I try to used it as often as I can, I am trying to use this up, its part of my 2015 Project Pan and is just my 'everyday' go to Makeup collection.

I've been using this Simple Kind to Skin Moisturiser as my everyday day cream, it works well at hydrating but doesn't sit that well under makeup for me but I have noticed that my skin is becoming more oily lately which I think is due to the changes in weather. I have also included a 'mini review' on this in my previous blog post.

I have been using this pretty much every night for the past month its the Waitrose Pure Facial Oil, I really do like this it hydrates the skin and wasn't that expensive so I thought I'd try it out. I think this is my favourite product for the range, I tried a few more things that were part of the same range but they didn't work well for me as my skin is really sensitive.

 Can you tell that I like to try products from Simple? This is the Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask, I used this about twice a week as it is gentle on the skin and help me keep my skin feeling soft and clear. I do like this so I will continue to used this as my weekly Face Mask.

Finally I have been using this Ted Baker Body Souffle' most nights to moisturise my skin, its works really well as softening the skin and has a nice floral scent. I have about one of two uses left so this is nearly empty so then I will probably more on to using up another body moisturiser.

What products have you been up lately?

Best wishes :)

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