Sunday, 14 June 2015



Hello lovely readers hope your having a lovely Spring/Summer and with this in mind I though I would share with you a perfume I will most probably be using most days over this summer - its a relatively new release and was given to me as a gift for my Birthday a few months ago but I've be saving it for summer as its the perfect scent for this season.

MARC JACOBS - DAISY SORBET - I'm not that great at describing scents but this smells really fresh and sweet, its perfect for summer and the bottle is jut so lovely. It limited edition so its worth having a smell if you are looking for a new summer fragrance or just want to see what it smells like. This is my first Marc Jacobs fragrance but I would like to try more so maybe I will try one for another season.

The packaging is so cute just like all of the other Marc Jacobs Packaging - The tops of the bottle is decorated with three Daisies which are all in different colours - Purple, Pink and light Pink and the perfume itself is pink too!
I love the pretty design of the packaging the simplicity of curved glass bottle and the bright colour of each Daisy really make this bottle stand out as a decorative piece which I love - I will be using this as an accessory to decorate my room this summer - maybe keeping it on my desk or shelf so its not in direct sunlight.

What's your summer fragrance?

Best wishes :)

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