Saturday, 25 January 2014

Pre-Spring Cleaning your Makeup

Pre-Spring Cleaning your Makeup

I know that traditionally people usually have a spring clean during spring, but I often have a good sort out during the winter time. When it comes to sorting out my Make-up I like to keep it sort of organised and only keep the products that I know that I will use. I like to just have a few products open so that nothing is wasted. Powder products and Lipsticks aren't so bad but if its a Mascara then I only open one at a time. However, recently I have tried to use up the different products that I own.
In this blog post I am going to share a few of the ways that I sort out my Makeup and other beauty products.
  • When sorting out my Make-up and other similar products I like to sort them into three groups, the first being give to someone else that can really use this (if its an un-opened and not been used I would give it to someone that would actually use it). This could be a friend, family member or if its a giftset or un-opened body care product you could donate it to charity. 
  • The next group would be product I need to throw out, this includes expired products and things that I have used up. When it comes to expired products I like to sort through them thouroughly I would perhaps keep a powder blusher it it was slightly past it's expiry, but products that you use around your eyes (Mascara, Eyeliner and Eyeshadow) I like to throw out because the eye areas is really sensitive so I would only use products that were in date on my eyes.
  • The third group would be products that I need to use up, this may be a Lipstick or Blusher that I haven't used for a while that I have just re-discovered in my collection. A good way to use up these kinds of products is to keep them some where you can see them, I like to keep these kinds of products in a vintage tin in my bedroom along with my daily and evening moisturiser. That way I will remember that they are there.
  • While clearing out my make-up I also like to wash my brushes, keeping them clean and ready for the next time I use them. I like to clean my brushes reguarly in order to keep them clean and smelling fresh! 
Hope you liked this post :)      What are some of your Spring Cleaning tips?

Best Wishes

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