Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Beauty Bargains and Essentials

Beauty Bargains and Essentials...

While out shopping yesterday (I was only meant to be browsing but ended up buying a few things), I saw a few essentials that I needed and what was even better was they were all at bargain prices!

I had been looking for a Turbie Towel for ages, I really needed one because although my hair isn't that long it does take all day to dry and I really don't like to use head on it during the summer months. I had looked online and at different shops but they cost a bit more than I thought, so I just continued to let my hair naturally and towel dry it. But whilst in Savers yesterday I found one, I was so pleased because it was only £1 which I was really surprised at, I thought it was a great deal so I got two.

Whilst in Savers I also got a got a cover for my tooth brush, I thought it would be a good idea to get one since I've got a new brush and I really wanted to keep it clean. It was really inexpensive under £1 and I thought it was an essential for helping me keep my dental care clean and tidy. And of course the case is pink which I love!

And finally, I went to Boots just to have a quick look around and whilst stood near the til area there w a clearance section, I don't usually look but I just wanted to see if there was any good offers on. Whilst looking at the different products I saw a perfume it's called Breakfast At Tiffany's (I had to have a smell because I love that film), I sprayed a little on my arm and let the scent develop. I'm not the best a describing scents but the perfume smelt clean and fresh and it was on sale for £5 for 100ml which I thought was good. Its a nice scent so if your ever near a Boots you can always have a look. The packaging has an iconic image of Audrey Hepburn from the 1961 film, which instantly got my attention. I love that film and of course everything Audrey Hepburn, I have books, posters pretty much anything Audrey, I love it all! So I thought this would look nice with my other Audrey decor. The bottle the perfume comes in is also really pretty, it's a glass bottle with a flower carved onto it, the perfume looks slightly pink/purple in some lighting which also makes it look very pretty. The bottle is topped with a gold lid which is decorated with pink and white little gem stones on it, which really compliments the colour of the perfume.

Hope you liked this post :)

What bargains have you seen whilst out shopping lately? 

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  1. Great post! I love using turbie towels! :)

    Style Sunrise


  2. Thank you :) I'm glad you liked it. I've never used them before I just tried one out today for the first time and my hair did dry a lot quicker :) x x