Sunday, 15 June 2014

Products I need to use up - Project Pan Summer 2014

Products I Need To Use Up - Project Pan Summer 2014

Recently I've been using a few different products from a number of different categories, these include Skincare, Hair care, Makeup and Fragrance. Since using these products I've noticed that there are so many products I need to use up before buying new ones. I love buying and testing out new products but I don't like to waste the products I already own so I have decided to continue to use the products that have been open for a while and really to need using up. I think this will give me an incentive to use the products that I have before buying more, which will lead to less waste and save money.

There are a few products I've been trying to use up for a while, I've nearly finished them so I thought I may as well use them up these products have taken a while for me to nearly finish but I thing I will probably have used them up within the next week or so. These products are... Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Straightened Smoothing Balm and the Charles Worthington Balancing Act Salon Finish Dry Shampoo. The first product was one I got as a gift and the second was just not being used at home so I thought I would try it. I don't mind the smoothing balm it works nicely and you only need a little for your hair to be smoothed out. It smells quite nice too, fresh and clean like you've just washed your hair, its a little bit sticky when you first apply it but you can't feel it on your hair once you have brushed it though. 
The second of these two products smells ok, but it does look very powdery in my hair. I have really dark hair so it needs brushing quite a bit when I use this product as it leaves my hair looking a bit grey if I don't brush it through enough. It does add volume but its not a product I would repurchase, however I do like Charles Worthington products so I would try other products from the range in the future.

As well as hair care products there are a number of makeup products I need to use up, these include... The Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light. I was so exited when I bought this product but it is a bit too dark for me, I've got quite a bit to finish of this so I really need to get on with that but. I do like the highlighter though, I like to apply this to the top of my cheeks to make them look more summery. The next product is the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette. I do really like this palette but I think I prefer the other palettes that MUA make, this is little shimmery so its better to use on a night out, however having said that I do use it regularly in the daytime. It has a range of neutral colours that work for a variety of looks from a smoky eye to barely there look and at £4 its a bargain!

The next makeup product I need to use up is the Collection Perfection Concealer in shade 2, this is the wrong shade for me its a little bit too dark, there wasn't any left in my shade so I just thought I'd try this. If I blend it in with a lighter Foundation it seems to work ok. I am going to try and use this up then repurchase it in shade 1 which I usually use. I also need to finish using my Maybeline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara, it's been open for a few weeks so I'm trying to use it up before it starts to dry out, but it is a great Mascara and one I would buy again.

There are a few different bases I need to use up too as they have been open for a while so I need to finish them before they start to dry. These are... The Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in New Nouveau Neauvo which I think is the lightest shade. I love this foundation it creates a really natural look and gives you light to medium coverage, which is why I like to use it throughout the summer. The next base it the Rimmel London BB Cream Matte in Light, this is a little bit too dark for me so I like to blend it out well, I've got quite a bit left to use but I don't think I would repurchase this unless I could find it in a lighter colour because I have quite pale skin. 
The final base I need to use up is the Rimmel True Match Foundation in the lightest shade. I do like this foundation as it does blend in well with my skin, I don't have too much left to use so maybe I would repurchase this again but I do want to try different foundations so I will keep in on the list of products I like. 

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss and Boots 17 Eyeliner Pen are also two other products that I need to use up as well as my Collection Lasting Perfection Powder which I've had for a few months. These and a few other products all need using up, I have a few body lotions and both products that I need to use up so I am going to try and use these up too.

I'm going to set myself a target of one month starting from today to try and use at least 3 to 5 of these products up from my list, but I will keep you up to date and keep note of what I have used up so I can let you know :)

Hope you liked this post, have you tried any of these products?
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Best wishes :) 


  1. love this Lauren! I like your plan! I need to use up sooooo many things! x x

    1. Thank you :) I've got quite a few things to use up, I'm just going to keep a list of all of the products I use up within the next month, then do an updated post :) x x

  2. But we want to buy all the shiny new things!! Great post :)

  3. Glad you liked it :) I know what you mean I keep looking for new products to try. I've been wearing pretty much the same makeup everyday so hopefully after a few more weeks I will have used up most of the products in this project pan :) x x