Tuesday, 18 November 2014



Hello lovely readers in this blog post I wanted to share with you some of my tips for de-cluttering makeup. I like to sort through my makeup regularly and sort out what's old, what's new and what's been open and for how long. I like to use what I have but I want to make sure everything is still in date and 'fresh' enough to use. 

The first this I do is look through the items that I use on a regular basis (I usually like to keep products together that are seasonal) and sort through these first to see what is still 'fresh' and 'usable' and what needs to be thrown away. 
I don't throw that much away as I like to make products cost effective, but if they are not working of the packaging is broken (for example the lid is cracked) I will usually throw these away, as it can be quite sharp. (This recently happened to me with a Lip Crayon that had a broken lid).

If there is a product that is unopened and doesn't really work for me but still is really nice and can be used again I will either pass this on to my Sister of Mum so that they can use it in the future. 

After sorting out what I use regularly I will add new products that are new or relevant to the season (for example adding dark red Lipsticks for Autumn).  This way I can use what is 'on trend' but also try out new products and create new makeup looks.

After doing this I will give my makeup a 'general tidy' and organize the products by type - All eye products together, all lip products together and and all face products together. This way everything can be clearly seen and is easier to access and organize in the future. 



Hope you liked this post :)   How do you store you Makeup?

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