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Hello lovely readers, in today's blog post I am going to share some of the ways in organize my stuff on a budget. Having recently been a student I have tried to save money and spend it on what I really needed to buy (travel, books and stationary), so there was never really that much left over for decorating or buying organizers for my room. However, I have found a few inexpensive ways to get organized on a budget, I don't think you need to spend a lot to get organized it's just a matter of find what is right your you and your room decor/personal taste. 
I often like to keep my room quite empty, I don't like to have too much out on display (my makeup and makeup brushes are an exception of course) but I do like to have a few accent accessories out and about to keep the room looking more 'homely'. 
The majority of my things are divided up and put into a few pieces of furniture I purchased from Ikea, like the Malm Drawers and Desk and a few Expedit's which also contain decorative material boxes that are also from Ikea. I often use these to divide up what I own. This way they are relatively well organized and everything is easy to find and access. 

As well as furniture, small boxes (I often use glossy boxes) can be used to divide up your drawers and create individual sections, this is an inexpensive way to divide up what you own. I often use this idea to organize my Socks and Bath/Shower products. There small boxes can also be used to store Stationary, Nail Polish and other small accessories. 
I use an idea similar to this to store my Nail Polishes as I use a Hat Box I was given as a gift to store my Nail Polishes. Using a decorative box will keep your room looking pretty but it will also keep your stuff dust free, which is always good for me.

Similar to other Bloggers, I also use the Ikea Plant Pots to organize my hair and makeup brushes. I think this is a great idea as it keeps them together and easy to grab on the go. 

I also like to use small Jars and tins to organize samples that I have found in Magazines as well as travel size products I have purchased for travelling. I like to put these in a small vintage style tin I have, this way they are hidden away but are still in a place that I can find them.

How do you store your Makeup/Accessories?

Best wishes from Lauren :)

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