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In this blog post I am going to be talking about skin care. During the summer months I like to moisturize more often, although I don't really sit in the Sun the humidity in the air can dry out my skin. So moisturizing is really important for me, especially my hands they are get quite dry, I also like to moisturize my Knees and Elbows too. 
But the most important part of skin care during summer is protecting you skin, using a high SPF with UVA and UVB protection is something I always look for in a Sun Cream. I try to avoid sitting in the Sun too, I have sensitive skin so I burn really easily, but I also know that its not good for the Skin so I try to avoid sitting sitting in the Sun.

My Summer Skincare Essentials:

SUN CREAM - With an UVA and UVB Protection - SPF 30, 50 or 50+

SUNGLASSES  - Your Eyes are so important, so protecting them is too. I have very sensitive eyes as I have a number of different eye conditions so protecting your eyesight is something I've always tried to do. If I go outside during the Summer Sunglasses are an essential for me.

MOISTURIZING LIP BALM - One with SPF so that it protects and hydrates your lips

MOISTURIZER - Garnier Seven Day Moisturizer - I like the Mango scent 

WATER - Drinking water helps to hydrate the skin a bit more - I don't drink enough water so this is something I need to do as the temperature increases. But during Summer I will keep a bottle in my bag.

AFTER SUN? - I am allergic to After Sun but I do like the Banana Boat Soothing Aloe After Sun Spry Gel its the only one I can use. 

SUN HAT - To protect your head and hair from the heat 

LIGHT BREATHABLE CLOTHING - A Light colour breathable T-shirt that keeps you cool but covers your shoulders - this is where my skin burns if I am out in the sun so I like to keep my shoulders and the back of my neck covered. I like wearing looser material clothing as they keep you cooler and allow your skin to breathe more. 

I don't tan but if I did I would always use a gradual tanner my favourite is the Garnier Summer Body tan in light, its good because you can build up a tan gradually so you can choose how tanned you would like to be. They have three different shades to choose from. Its the safest way to get a tan and I love the smell too!

I also try to avoid sitting in the Sun between 11 am and 3 pm as the Sun it very hot during these times.. I would always wear Sun Cream during these times. Re-applying Sun Cream is also something I like to do every two to three hours. I like to apply Sun Cream about 15-30 mins before I go outside then re-apply it again when I'm outside.

Hope you liked this post :) 
What are some of your Summer Skin Care Essentials?
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Best Wishes :)

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