Tuesday, 5 August 2014



Hello lovely readers for today's post I wanted to share with you some the recent purchases I have bought from H&M, there are only a few items but I thought that they were still something I wanted to share.

The first item I purchased is this clear makeup bag with florescent accents. This is so nice, it;s very summery and bright and I love the checklist details on the front. This was also a really good price at £1.99.

The second item is this Nail Care kit - it's so cute and compact and contains all the essentials that I would need. I don't usually do that much with my nails but recently I have been more interested in painting my nails and looking after them better especially since the weather will be changing soon. 
This kit is perfect for that as it contains everything I will need, such as nail buffers and a nail brush to clean my nails. The kit is also in a really compact size so it will be great to travel with. This costs £1.99.

The final item I purchased is this blue and cream heart printed hair tie - its just so cute and was only £2.99 so it wasn't too expansive but looks like an accessory you would use to dress up an outfit. 

Hope you liked this post :)

What is your favourite of these three items?

Best wishes :)

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