Monday, 4 August 2014



Hello lovely readers for today's post I wanted to show you some of the new Nail Polishes I will be trying out this month. I was given these for my Birthday a few months ago from my sister but I haven't really tried them out yet so I'm excited to try the out this month as they are pretty summer shades. 

There are three shades in this post, two of them are gel Polishes and one of them is a scented Polish. I love the colours, there is a Mint one that smells like Apple Pie - but to me it smells more like a sweet Apple scent, this is part of the Fruit Pastel collection. 
The next shades are both Hyper Gel Polishes - these shades are both really nice their is a pretty pastel pink (like a pink milkshake shade) and a neutral beige that I think is lovely for all seasons. 
The Pink Polish is in Pink Veneer
The Beige Polish is in Naked Glow

Which is your favourite of these three Polishes?

Hope you like this post :)

Best wishes :)

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