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This is the first of in a series of new blog posts I will be doing every Friday for the next couple of weeks, I will be talking about different areas each week and this week its all about summer hair care. I thought I would just tell you about some of my favourite products and some of the products that I like to use. I use these products all year round but some of them work even better during the summer months.

These are a few of the products that I like to use during the summer, there is everything from dry shampoo's to conditioning hair masks and a lovely scented spray that adds texture to those loose beach waves. (I haven't seen the texture spray for years but there are lots of similar products out there). I created a board on Polyvore to show you some of my favourites!

During the summer months it is really important to condition your hair because the sun can dry it out, using a regular conditioner every few days is good as it keeps the hair looking soft and shiny. But if you can also use a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week. I usually use them once a week because I have quite oily hair. One of my favourite deep conditioning masks is the Macadamia Deep Conditioning Mask. It smells really clean and fresh and conditions really well leaving your hair feeling soft and smooth and well hydrated. 

Another product I like for the Summer months are dry shampoo's, I really like the Batiste Dry Shampoo's because they are really affordable and keep your hair smelling fresh all day, they also help to add volume to your hair, I always brush through my hair after using them as this works the product into the hair. 

A texture spray is also a good idea for summer, they add movement to the hair and leaving it looking more 'lived in' creating a relaxed beach look. Texture spray looks great when it is added to naturally wavy hair I think it works really well. I have really straight hair so adding a texture spray adds more volume and creates a subtle movement throughout the hair. I really like trying out new texture spray as they all work differently and all create a unique style which I love!


  • I try to avoid heat styling throughout the summer as the humidity and heat from the sun can dry out your hair but if you you do like to use heat styling products a good heat protectant will work at keeping your hair healthier. I like the Tresemme Heat Defence Spray, its lightly fragranced so it smells fresh and also adds shine to the hair

  • Using a de-tangling product can also help during the summer, I don't currently one one but I'm looking forward to trying out out this summer

  • I don't like to sit outside in the sun but when I know I will be outside a sun hat can protect your hair - a light breathable material is something I would look for so you don't get too warm!

  • Leave in conditioners can also be helpful as they moisturise your hair and help to keep it looking hydrated - maybe have a spa/pamper day (that's always  a good idea)!

Part 2 of  this COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER series will be next Friday

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