Thursday, 8 May 2014

Disney Princess Tea Party, Hello Kitty and Cute Cattle

Disney Princess Tea Party, Hello Kitty and Cute Cattle

I had a lovely day today so I just wanted to share some of the highlights from my day. I had a lovely tea party with my sister and friends. The dining room was beautifully decorated in all things Disney Princess. The tablecloth was pink and the plates and cups all had Disney Princesses on them and my favourite part was the candy striped paper straws, they looked so cute!

For food I had lovely toasted sandwiches, sweet snacks and pink lemonade <3

There was also Hello Kitty Candy <3

I thought I'd also share a photo I took during the morning, I went for a walk and whilst out and about saw these really cute Cattle, I'm not sure what breed they are but thought they looked lovely. Cows are my favourite animal so I always love seeing them wherever I am.

Hope you liked this blog post :)

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Best wishes :)

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