Monday, 14 July 2014



Hello lovely readers, today I would like to share with you some of the lovely notebooks and stationary I have been loving recently. I am one of those people that is always taking notes, so I always need plenty of pieces of paper to write my thoughts and ideas on. But since there as so many lovely Notebooks our there I thought I would see what I could find to keep all of my notes together. The Notebooks that I have photographed for this post are all from TKMaxx and were all really inexpensive some cost £2.00 and some cost £1.00 making them a cost effective way to keep you organised. Some of the Notebooks were also in packs of two so you got an even better deal for your money.  I thought I would buy some smaller notebooks for when I am travelling so that I can keep them in my bag.  I also got some taller Notebooks to keep on my desk so that they are easily accessible and I can write more detailed notes in them. 

Although these Notebooks are all from TKMaxx you can also find similar styles in other shops, I really like the Paperchase and WHSmith one's. But you can also often find some lovely stationary in Supermarkets too. I really like the stationary section at Wilkinson's they have lot's of really affordable stationary with lot's of cute designs on them. I also really love the Oxford Notebooks, I think they look so sleek and really encourage me to write down my ideas for future blog posts!

In this post I also featured the STAEDTLER triplus pens, these work so well. They glide over the page so easily as you write. I have the STEADTLER triplus colour set and the triplus fineliners. I love the bright colours of all of these pens as they really stand out on the page and are great for making notes. 

Which Notebook is your favourite? I think the striped Notebook is my favourite:) 

Hope you liked this post :) 

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Best wishes :)


  1. I'm just the same! I have so many - too many! I love the striped one x

    Colour Me In Blog

    1. The striped one is my favourite too :) I just love Notebooks! :D x x