Monday, 28 July 2014



Hello lovely readers for today's post I am going to talk you through my July 2014 Favourites. There's been a few things I've been loving this month so I couldn't wait to share them with you. There's some beauty, food and lifestyle favourites so lets just get started! :D

My first favorite for this month is the Nail Polish I am wearing on my nails today - Essie's  Ole Caliente this is described as 'A red-orange with pink undertone'. This is exactly how I would describe this colour it is a beautiful vibrant, red/orange with a hint of pink. I love this! It's bright and would look good on all skin tones, it enhances a tan but makes paler skin (like mine) look more tanned. It's a great summer colour and something I keep re-applying. The only thing is my nails are growing quite quickly so I do have to re-apply this often. I'm not usually as interested in Nail Polishes but this one has totally converted me. Now I can't wait to have a look to see what other Polishes I have, to see if I love them just as much!

My second favourite of the month is the Limited Edition Sugared Almond Tangle Teezer - I've only just got this but already I love it! It's the same as the original Tangle Teezer but the colour is Limited Edition I think. The colours are green and pink and combination which I wasn't so sure about but now I just think it works so well. I've been lusting after a Tangle Teezer for so long so I'm so happy I finally bought one. I got this on from ASOS but I did look around at a few other places, but thought this one was my favourite and was a good price too. 

My third favourite of this month is the Gap Biscuit Sticks - Coated Chocolate Flavour. These are so good! These chocolate coated biscuit sticks are a re-purchase from Tesco. These delicious Japanese biscuits are always on my list when I got to a larger Tesco store, these biscuits are from the World Food section - (I get excited every time we go to the World Food section, it's just too good!). These taste really similar to the Mikado biscuits which I also really like. These are great price too, so I keep re-purchasing them because they are good value for money.

The fourth of my favourites is a Eye Shadow Duo I featured in an earlier blog post, it's the Model Co Eye Shadow Duo in Bronzed Goddess. This has become my new daily makeup staple, I've been wearing this a lot for the past few weeks, it's just great duo for warmer days. But it is glittery so it may be more of an 'evening out' sort of product, but I quite like wearing it throughout the day. I love a little bit of shimmery Eye Shadow now and then.

This is very well loved :)

This final favourite for the month of July is The Body Shop Green Tea and Lemon Body, Room and Linen Spritz - This smells so refreshing! It's a true Citrus/Lemony cent than instantly freshens up a room. Although this product is said to be for the Body, Room and Linens, I usually just use this as a room spray. It's quite strong so you only need a few sprays. I like to use this in the morning to freshen up my room - it's also a great summery scent as it smells sweet and fruity.

Hope you liked this post :)

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  1. Lovely choices! That Essie shade is a beaut!:)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. Lovely favorites!

    That Essie nail polish looks really good and I love bright polishes that compliment fair skin. The Model Co Duo also looks like a lovely product for summer. xx

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

    1. Thank you :) Yeah I really like both products, Essie have some lovely colours :) x x

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster award! Check out the rules here:, it's a great way for your followers to find out more about you! :)

    Sarah x

    1. Thank you so much! That's lovely, I really appreciate that I will check out your website to find out more :) thank you :D x x