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Hello lovely readers, for today's post I am going to be sharing a few items that I recently purchased from Rimmel London. Asos were having a sale on some beauty products earlier in the month so I thought I would get a few bits that I haven't tried before. 
Although two of the items are more suited to the Autumn/Winter as they are both deep dark red Lipsticks, I still had to buy them. I'd been lusting after one of the colours for ages so was really happy to see that it had been reduced in price. I bought three items from Rimmel all three are products/shades I hadn't tried before but really wanted to.

The first item is the Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Pro Primer in number 002. I've only tried this product a few times, I'm not sure if it makes my Makeup last much longer but it does soften the skin and isn't too heavily scented which is good as I have quite sensitive skin. The formula of the product is a light texture which comes out of the bottle white but fades into the skin well leaving your skin feeling soft and well moisturized. Having said that, I still always apply a moisturizer underneath this Primer as I find this needs something to stick to. I do like how this Primer feels on the skin it's soft and not sticky but I still need to test it out a few more times to see if it's going to be a staple in my Makeup bag.

The next item I purchased is the Rimmel London Kate Lipstick in shade 22 - This is so lovely! It's a highly pigmented red Lipstick with a slight sheen to it. I've not worn this shade yet as I'm saving it for the cooler months but I already know I am really going to love wearing it. The colour and the scent of the Lipstick is also really nice, it's a subtle sweet smell which I really like. I think this colour would look lovely as a strong red lip or blended in to the lips lightly to create a really pretty tint to the lips.

 The final item (possibly my favourite!) that I purchased is the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in shade 360 - As You Want Victoria. This is a beautiful dark red that I cannot wait to wear during Autumn and Winter. I know it seems a bit early to be talking about the winter months but I love them the most. And I know I am going to love wearing this Lipstick just as much. The formula for this Lipstick is also very moisturizing so it will help keep your lips hydrated and looking like you have just applied your favourite lip colour. I love this shade and can't wait to wear it!

Hope you liked this post :)

What are your favourite Lipstick shades?

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