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Hello lovely readers today I am going to be updating you on how I have been getting on with the Project Pan that I set for myself. I really wanted to use up some products, below are some of the products and a list of other products I have used up during the last month. 
I haven't used up that much and some products I have had to throw away due to them being expired.


These are some of the items I wanted to hit pan on/use up during my project pan. I think I didn't really give myself enough time for this project, I haven't really used any of these makeup items up completely and I have only hit pan on my MUA Eye Shadows. But I have stuck to using most of these products for nearly every day for the last month, I've not worn makeup for a few days in order to let my skin 'breathe', but most of the time these are the products that have been on my face. 
I think the Rimmel BB Cream is a little bit too dark for me so I use it my adding a little to my moisturiser. The Collection Pressed Powder is something I have used pretty much everyday too. And I finally hit pan on my MUA Eye Shadows, so I am really happy about that. 
My other two foundations from both Revlon and Rimmel London are products I haven't reached for as much, but I really do prefer them to my BB Cream so I think I am going to use them more instead. I have also had to throw a few items away like my Collection Concealer in shade 2, this was just too dark for my skin tone so hopefully there will be shade 1 in Boots the next time I need one. 
I also finished my Trevor Sorbie Dry Shampoo, which I am really happy about. This has taken me so long to finish but now I can finally use some of my other hair products.


L'oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution - This worked well at removing makeup but I did end up using a lot of the solution for each use so it didn't really last long. I think I am still going to try new makeup removers but this wasn't too bad for the money. 

Maybeline New York The Rocket Express Mascara - This Mascara work really well at creating long and defined lashes but went quite dry so I had to throw this away, although it did work well so I would repurchase this in the future. Also I love the packaging! 

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss - I'm not quite sure what shade I had in this but it was a really pretty pink colour. I thought this Lip Gloss was quite sticky and wasn't really sure about the scent of it. I think it was a lovely colour but the formula wasn't for me. But I am looking forward to trying other Soap and Glory makeup products in the future. I really want to try their Kick Ass Concealer and a few other bits!

Wall's Twister Lip Balm - I Loved the scent of this! It smelled just like Twister ice lollies and was an item I carried in my bag everywhere. I think I would buy this again in the future (I purchase this from Topshop), but I do have quite a few Lip Balms to use up first. 

Body Care
Rituals Magic Touch Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk Ultra Rich Body Cream - This was so lovely, it felt so luxurious and smells beautiful. The cream felt so soft and really hydrated the skin, I would repurchase this again, I loved it. 

Calvin Klein Euphoria Body Lotion - This smells just like the perfume, smells good and moisturised well. 

Hope you liked this post :)

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Best wishes :) 

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