Sunday, 13 July 2014



Although it's just turned summertime in the UK I still feel like my clothes need a good sort out, I've not really bought that much for the summer, but I thought I should had a bit of a clear out. I still have some clothes from when I was at college which was about four years ago, so I thought it was time I had another declutter. I started off by sorting what clothes I knew I wanted to keep, then I looked through the other clothing items and sorted them out into two bags. The first bag was for clothes I want to donate - these are clothes that are still in good condition but I don't really wear anymore. The second bag contained clothes I am going to give away to be recycled - these clothes are still not too bad but they are slightly more worn and the material had changed quite a bit.  

So are I have quite a few items to donate to charity and a few items that I am going to send to be recycled, by sorting out the clothes that I don't wear and/or were not really 'suitable to wear' as they were really worn, I can now find the clothes that I do wear more easily. This makes it more efficient to get ready in the morning because I am able to find what I want to wear without having to search through my draws a number of times to find the item I want. I don't own that many clothes but now I feel like I can go out and buy something new if I need it.

Important Items
There are a few items that I feel like I would never want to throw away and I really want to keep, so I will keep these. Pieces of clothing that are really important can always be kept, items like that special dress you love so much or something else that you love. For me that is my collection of David Bowie and The Beatles t-shirts, I love to collect these so I am going to keep them. Another item that I love so much is my Parka, this is probably my favourite piece of clothing I love it so much! So those are the items that I am going to keep along with some of my other most worn clothes and clothes that I decided to keep.
After sorting out my clothes I like to fold them in my drawers facing upwards, so if their is a design or patter on the front I will know exactly what piece of clothing it is. I don't have a wardrobe, but if I did I would maybe but all my clothes in an order for example colour code them or order them like... coats,  jeans, dresses, long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts and vests. But you could use any order you like, which ever way you prefer to arrange your clothing/accessories. 

I am looking forward to the Autumn season so I wanted to make a little bit of room in my drawers for Autumn/winter clothing. (I think I may be a little bit early to be looking for Autumn clothing) but I'm just too excited! 

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  1. Great post,you reminded me that I should clean my closet too :)
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    1. Glad you liked this post :) I love getting all organised :)
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  2. I really, really need to de clutter my room my wardrobe is overflowing ha

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Me too :) Hope you liked this post :) x x