Tuesday, 8 July 2014



I went to Primark recently and got a few things, I didn't get much but still wanted to share what I got with all of my lovely readers :) 
Since the weather is getting warmer I thought I should get some PJ's that were cooler to wear during the night time. I love Primark's nightwear so I knew I wanted to get some new ones from their. I think pretty much all of my Pajamas are from Primark, I just love them. They are really affordable, they last quite a long time and they are always coming out with lovely new designs for every season. 

This was the first nightwear item it got, these are long wide leg pajama bottoms that has small navy gingham checks on them. They are really soft and the details on them are really cute. There is a pink bow at the front of the waist and small decorative buttons below the bow. 

The second item that I bought was this night wear set, I really loved the dainty print on this set and thought the colour was lovely too. This is also great for summer as it keeps you cooler. I think both the vest and shorts are really pretty with their lace detailing and the vest would be something I would wear round the house casually too.  This set was sold as two individual items - the vest was £3.50 and the shorts were £3.

I also purchased this small tote bag with the American Flag in a heart shape, I thought this would be really nice to keep shopping in as it's compact and also better for the environment. I love heart design and will probably keep this in my other bag for when I'm out shopping and it was a really good price for £1.50.

And finally, I got this Eyeliner duo set with a small pencil sharpener for £1, I'm not sure how good these really are but I thought I would try them as they didn't really cost too much and I always like to try new Eyeliners. 

Hope you liked this post :)

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Best wishes :)


  1. I love Primark night wear! Always so cute & pretty, and affordable :D Love your finds!

    Style Sunrise


  2. Thank you so much :) I'm glad you liked this post :) They do have some lovely designs :) x x